Hello There!

I'm Ashalee  Soule' and I believe in capturing your happy and genuine love. I am a married to my best friend,  I am an artist and I love to laugh. For me, photography is about more than simply posing for the camera with a big smile, it is about catching your authentic moments and genuine emotion. I love working with authentic people who love to have fun! I am a self- love and ALL love advocate. I find joy in love of every shape, color and orientation.  I am definitely not a perfectionist, I love silly moments, teeth kisses and big belly laughs.  If you are someone who doesn't mind having an adventure and getting a little dirt on your shoes we are going to be BFFS! My love for photography stared at a young age taking pictures with my grandpa's old film cameras. Now I am lucky enough to do what I love! I have always been a seeker of real moments. Which is one of the reasons I chose to specialize in weddings and family portraits. Many moments of your big day only happen once and my photography seeks to preserve all those genuine emotions into memories to be relived again and again. Families change and grow your little ones won't always be little. Life is too precious not to be captured. 

Having been on both sides of the camera, I can understand having apprehensions about having your photos professionally taken. My goal is to ensure your comfort  and that the photo's taken represent you as naturally and genuine as possible. My work is happy, fun, genuine and unique. I love to laugh with my clients! Big laughs and smiles as well as the sweet quiet moments you have with the ones you love. Laughter and genuine love is what makes my world go round and is definitely something I strive to capture in my work. I love working with all of my clients because they end up being some of my dearest friends. 

I am currently located in Southern Utah, and I am available for travel. I look forward to capturing your happy and genuine love!

-Xoxo Ashalee

Photo Credit: Charity Rebekah, Editing done by Ashalee Soule'