I was thrilled when Haley agreed to me doing some Maternity pictures of her and Nicholas. They have been one of my favorite couples. They are so much fun, not mention super photogenic. It was so cold, but you can't even tell because these two are superstars.


Haley has been a friend of mine for quite some time and I am so excited for her and her new little family! Not only can you tell that these two love each other so much, they have so much love for their growing baby boy.

Haley and her Mom MADE Haley's dress. Isn't it adorable? Also Haley's sister Heather did her hair. Heather has an awesome fashion and lifestyle blog you can find here http://www.heatheredhearts.com. 


Haley is a fellow photographer, and she rocks. You can find her site here http://www.truartphotography.com I am always nervous to take other photographers portraits but these two were a dream so I didn't have to do much. (:

Haley is such a gorgeous Mama to be don't you think?

Baby Maximus is going to be such a Beautiful baby boy and he is going to be so loved!  I can't wait to see him snuggled in his parents arms in March. Congrats you two!